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Stoney Creek Products Privacy Policy

Stoney Creek Products Privacy Policy: We will not sell, trade, or rent your information to third party businesses or marketing companies!

We have three types of data collection, 1.) register to purchase your products, 2.) register to win prizes and receive emails, and 3.) Register as a User of the site. Any of these methods means you are giving us permission to send you updates, email newsletters, discounts and offers from Stoney Creek Products ONLY.

Registering with us enables you to more quickly make your future purchases by not having to enter your data over and over again. It also allows you to receive the latest specials, news, and information from Stoney Creek Products . Benefits of registering with Stoney Creek Products include receiving intermittent promotions geared to your needs, a free subscription to the Stoney Creek Products newsletter, as well as premium customer support.
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The Stoney Creek Products Privacy Policy believes in keeping your information confidential!

By providing us with your personal information through any of our Stoney Creek Products web sites, you consent to our collection and use of your information in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy and the other terms and conditions published on our site. We reserve the right to change these policies and will post any changes on this page for your information.
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How Do We Use the Information You Provide Us?
We may use any information you provide us within our own company for marketing and research purposes. We may also use certain information about your product preferences to send you e-mails about special offers or items we believe you might be interested in via email, postcards or brochures. You may elect to be removed from our mailing list by written request sent by email at Email.<<<< back to top

Our vendors are expressly forbidden to use this information in any other way, however… Stoney Creek Products ‘s business partners, suppliers and associated third parties reached through our web site have separate privacy policies which may have different terms from our policy or they may have no privacy policy at all. Stoney Creek Products has no responsibility for these polices and accepts no liability for the actions of these third parties. <<<< back to top

Does Stoney Creek Products Sell Your Information to Anyone Else?
Stoney Creek Products does NOT sell or rent your information to ANY third party. If this changes for any reason in the future, you may elect not to have your information shared to these parties by notifying us at Email. We will make public announcements on this web page if we ever change our policy concerning the rental or sale of personal information.<<<< back to top

We retain the right to release your personal information to proper authorities when required by law or when we in good faith believe that we must release the information in order to: (a) satisfy a legal order or comply with legal process; (b) defend the rights of Stoney Creek Products or its affiliates or business partners; or (c) protect the personal safety of Stoney Creek Products employees, agents, affiliates, business partners, customers or site users.<<<< back to top

How can you Change your User information?
We strive daily to maintain only accurate data on all of our customers and web site users. If you find errors in any of your personal information and are unable to correct it, please notify us, and we will be happy to correct it. You can also Unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by clicking on the Unsubsccribe link at the bottoom of every email broadcast we send out. Unsubscribing from our email list may disqualify you from any prize giveaways.

    1. You can edit your registration information online by clicking on the My Account button in the e-commerce section of the
    2. You may send an email with your corrections to Email

Technology Used To Protect Your Privacy
We use the latest SSL Server Certified 128-bit encryption to protect your data. Stoney Creek Products protects you and your information by using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL transparently encrypts the data between your browser and our server, so we can better process credit card orders, protect sensitive personal information, and strive to the best of our ability that hackers cannot detect your password. While we use every reasonable and cost effective method to secure your data, we cannot be responsible for any data transmitted over the Internet, Wi-Fi, or through public communication channels.<<<< back to top

Cookies and Your Privacy?
There are two main types of cookies that can be transmitted via a web page interaction. <<<< back to top

1.) Transient cookies – or temporary session cookies. This puts data into your temporary memory of your browser to convey information (if you are filling out an order form for example) from one screen to the next. This type of cookie only lasts as long as your browser is open (or it can time out at about 20 -120 minutes or so). Once you close your browser this cookie disappears and is gone for good.

2.) Persistent Cookies – these are the cookies (or bits of data) that are stored on your machine’s hard drive. These can be used to store ID’s, logins, passwords, etc. to make your online experience easier. Unscrupulous web developers also put these on your hard drive to stay and collect data about you. Hackers can also use these to collect passwords and keystrokes. But most reputable companies, such as your bank, Stoney Creek Products  , and most e-commerce stores, use them to make your life easier with passwords and such.<<<< back to top

Furthermore, Stoney Creek Products does not use cookies to collect any additional information other than the information you provided us at the time you registered. The Stoney Creek Products cookie will not damage your system or files in any way. If you have any additional questions about Stoney Creek Products use of cookies, please contact us at Email. If your browser does not support cookies, or if you have turned them off, you will still be able to use our site but the e-commerce ordering may not be as easy or simple.<<<< back to top

Most noteworthy, you can delete the cookies on your machine from your browser by going to the “Tools” menu, clicking on “Internet Options…” and clicking on the “Delete Cookies…” button.

In addition, you can block cookies in IE by clicking on the Security tab in Internet Options and selecting a Medium or High Security level on the slider. You can also block cookies using a third party tool.

For more information, you can contact our Chief Technology officer and webmaster at Email.

Who do I Contact if I have Additional Questions or Comments?
If you have any questions about our privacy policy, our Web site or Stoney Creek Products in general, please contact us at:

Stoney Creek Products

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