Custom 3 inch Chair Seat & Back Connected Cushion

$ 105.00 $ 85.00

Now you can choose your Custom 3 inch Chair Seat & Back Connected Cushion with one of the popular Sunbrella fabrics in our fabric selection box below. Thank you for choosing Stoney Creek for your source for Custom 2 inch Chair Seat & Back Connected Cushion that will make your home, or business beautiful.

You will be able to see the fabric you select from our Drop Down Box, in the Fabric Selection step below, it will appear in the main picture window of this product once you select any of the options in that box.

Learn More About Our Cushions Here! " Info Videos About Our Options Are Now Available"

NOTE: 30% Re-Stocking Fee on all cushions once order is placed! Don't see the fabric you want? click here to visit the about our fabrics page. There you will find a list of fabrics we offer such as Bella Dura, Outdura, Docril, Premiere Prints and more. Then contact our sales department to order the cushion by phone . Or email a Product Specialist by Clicking Here!

Please note that all of our cushions measurements will fall within 1/4 inch over or under the requested size. So please measure accordingly for proper fit.
We carry the most popular Sunbrella Fabric on our site. If you need one that you do not see here, want to use your on material or have another brand in mind please contact our sales department.
Standard /Single Cording (+30%)
Banded (+23%)
Banded /Double Cording (+54%)
Choose matching fabric cording if you want your cording the same color as your fabric selection. Or you can select an alternate fabric from the drop-down below. Then you can add extra style to your cushion by choosing to add buttons below and match the button fabric with your cording selection.
No Ties
Matching Fabric Ties (+$ 6.00)
Matching Velcro Ties (+$ 8.00)
Standard Cumulus Indoor/ Outdoor Fiber
Standard Indoor Foam (+5%)
Cumulus Wrapped In Batting Indoor / Covered Porch (+10%)
Foam Wrapped In Batting Indoor (+15%)
Choose Matching Button Fabric if you want your button or buttons to be same color as your fabric selection. Choose a different fabric and match it to your cording fabric to give your cushion extra style.