How to Order an Umbrella

Things to look for in an Umbrella purchase… Vent – top flap to allow air through Frame Color Bottom Pole style Construction material aluminum, wood, fiberglass Fabric color Fabric type – Outdura, Sunbrella, etc. Alternating Color panels Tilt or No-Tilt Shape – square, octagonal, etc. Style   What’s it going to be used for? Where’s… Read More How to Order an Umbrella

Beach, Umbrella

Featured: 6.5 ft Beach Umbrella

This is an awesome umbrella for the beach! This 6.5 ft Umbrella with 5 mm Zinc Plated Steel Ribs and 1.5″ diameter all hardwood Center Pole features a Pop-up lift, 68″ Head Clearance, 92″ Height, and 8 panels and ribs. Learn more here…